Aston Black Tungsten Ring with Brushed Center and Polished Beveled Edges - 4mm -10mm

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Looking for a less glossy, subtle flat black look? This classy style from our Black Tungsten Rings line exudes a softer gray; its center of brushed black says “subtle” all over, while its frame of polished, beveled edges lets you know it’s there. It is available in 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm so that you and your soon-to-be spouse can sport a matched set. While it can be scratched, you will find your black tungsten carbide very durable. You will also find your guarantee is first-rate: your purchase from us always gives you a free lifetime warranty and free lifetime sizing. What you won’t ever get from us are exchange fees and sizing fees—ever. You will have to get that from our competition.

Product Specifications:

        Ring Width: 4 mm - 10 mm
        Ring Thickness: 1.8 mm - 2.2 mm
        Approx. Ring Weight: 4 - 15 grams
        Fit Type: Comfort Fit
        Manufacturing Timeframe: 1 Business Day
        Returns & Exchanges Policy: 30 Days
        Shipping Time: 2 Days (Free Bonus!)
        Product Warranty: Lifetime (Free Bonus!)
        Extra Gift: Deluxe Ring Box (Free Bonus!)

   *Thickness & Weight Specs Vary By Ring Size