Daley Flat Grooved Wedding Ring with Engraved Intricate Cross Pattern - 8mm

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The popularity of the Celtic cross has spread well beyond Ireland. The Daley is a unique piece that exhibits the beauty of the Celtic cross. Using precision laser engraving technology, the pattern is able to be placed in a very intricate and detailed manner. The engraving is accentuated by the highly polished finish that gives it a lustrous shine. A flat pipe cut style was used to fashion this piece. The Celtic cross is bordered by dual offset grooves. And, the interior is slightly domed to provide a comfort fit. This Daley is made from tungsten to provide scratch resistance and durability. This ring is ideal for the man with Irish ancestry, a love for spirituality, or who just enjoys the timeless beauty of the Celtic cross symbol.

Product Specifications:

        Ring Width: 8 mm
        Ring Thickness: 1.9 mm - 2.1 mm
        Approx. Ring Weight: 8 - 15 grams
        Fit Type: Comfort Fit
        Manufacturing Timeframe: 1 Business Day
        Returns & Exchanges Policy: 30 Days
        Shipping Time: 2 Days (Free Bonus!)
        Product Warranty: Lifetime (Free Bonus!)
        Extra Gift: Deluxe Ring Box (Free Bonus!)

   *Thickness & Weight Specs Vary By Ring Size