Gaetano Black Ceramic Band with Exotic Mahogany Hard Wood Inlay 4mm - 10mm

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Few ideas are more romantic than a love affair unadulterated by technology and western culture. The ancient Native Americans had that freedom to love without ridged rules and interfering technologies. The GAETANO brings a little of that pure love with a mahogany wood inlay. Mahogany is a wood that was used by the Native Americans to make ceremonial and other items. Now the Gaetanto ring can bring a little of the wild romance experienced by the ancient Native Americans.

The GAETANO ring is made out of black ceramic. Ceramic is the perfect material for jewelry as the color will not fade and it is scratch resistant. Ceramic is also a great option for those who need to avoid metals due to a metal allergy. The mahogany inlay is also scratch resistant. This ring is easily engraved to keep words of love close to the wearer. This ring comes with a guarantee of resizing services and has a lifetime warranty that will ensure that the ring can represent this freedom forever.

Product Specifications:

  • Ring Width: 4mm - 10 mm
  • Ring Thickness: 2.0 mm - 2.3 mm
  • Approx. Ring Weight: 2 - 5 grams
  • Fit Type: Comfort Fit
  • Manufacturing Timeframe: 1 Business Day
  • Returns & Exchanges Policy: 30 Days
  • Shipping Time: 2 Days (Free Bonus!)
  • Product Warranty: Lifetime (Free Bonus!)
  • Extra Gift: Deluxe Ring Box (Free Bonus!)

   *Thickness & Weight Specs Vary By Ring Size