Galileo Polish Finished White Ceramic Wedding Band with Beveled Edges - 6mm & 8mm

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Love is both dynamic and simple. It is the simplicity that makes it beautiful. A wedding band should be able to describe that love without being over extravagant and without any distracting designs. The GALILEO is a beautifully simple ring that is so simple that it is eye catching. It is a pure white color with a shiny finish that reflects light making the ring a loud statement of love. The dome shape of the outside of the ring enhances the light that brilliantly flashes. It has beveled edges to make it more comfortable to wear.

This ring is made of ceramic that is already white. Therefore, the ring does not have a coat of white finish and the white color will not fade like the finish on white gold fades. The ceramic is polished to give it that dazzling shine. The ring is scratch resistant to keep it from collecting ugly scuffs. Because it is scratch resistant, it will continue to shine and proclaim love for many years. Ceramic is also non-metallic. Those with allergies to metal will appreciate a ring that is top quality but that they can still wear without discomfort. The ring can easily be engraved to remind the wearer of the affection behind it. It also comes with a lifetime resizing service and warranty to ensure that the owner of the ring will always be able to wear it. Those who want to make sure that the symbol of their love will live through the years will appreciate this ring.

Product Specifications:

  • Ring Width: 6 mm & 8 mm
  • Ring Thickness: 1.8 mm - 2.2 mm
  • Approx. Ring Weight: 2 - 5 grams
  • Fit Type: Comfort Fit
  • Manufacturing Timeframe: 1 Business Day
  • Returns & Exchanges Policy: 30 Days
  • Shipping Time: 2 Days (Free Bonus!)
  • Product Warranty: Lifetime (Free Bonus!)
  • Extra Gift: Deluxe Ring Box (Free Bonus!)

   *Thickness & Weight Specs Vary By Ring Size