Keleos Beveled Tungsten Ring With Exotic Mahogany Hard Wood Inlay - 4mm - 10mm

Customer Reviews

Mahogany has been a long beloved wood. It is rich, warm and powerful. Mahogany always means business but also has a sense of home – which is why the designers of the Keleos Wedding Band made an excellent decision when they chose to use mahogany as the inlay. Mahogany is also an ancient wood that has been used throughout history and in ancient times was used often by Native Americans. It is truly is timeless in presence and aesthetic appeal. Today, mahogany is commonly used to make musical instruments – such as guitars – and furniture. Mahogany is all around us – as your love is all around you. It is a romantic choice in a wedding ring and is simple as well as poetic. The other great choice the designers of the Keleos made was to construct it using durable tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is one of the newest metals being used industry today, and has become extremely popular due to its scratch resistant qualities and extreme durability. Polished bevel edges are also a beautiful feature of this finely constructed piece of jewelry. Should you and your loved one opt for a matching set a variety of sizes are available. Sizes are: 6 mm and 8 mm. The Keleos is classically beautiful and the perfect way to represent a long lasting love.