Lucia Black Ceramic Ring with Purple Carbon Fiber Inlay & Beveled Edges 4mm & 6mm

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The very first wedding rings are believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt, some 4,800 years ago. These rings were made out of plant materials found in the papyrus fields. From the word go, rings were supposed to symbolize eternal love, so it quickly became apparent that a stronger material was needed. The rings were hence instead made of ivory, bone or leather. Indeed, in those days, the more expensive the material was, the clearer it was for all to see how much love the giver had.

The Lucia black ceramic ring is an example of true belief in love. It is exotic and rare, made especially for women who like to have something different. The inlay of the ring is a lavender carbon fiber, protected by resin. This ring will truly last an eternity, just as the love between the couple who uses this ring will surely last forever.

  Product Specifications:

        Ring Width: 4 mm or 6 mm
        Ring Thickness: 1.7 mm - 2.0 mm
        Approx. Ring Weight: 2 - 5 grams
        Fit Type: Comfort Fit
        Manufacturing Timeframe: 1 Business Day
        Returns & Exchanges Policy: 30 Days
        Shipping Time: 2 Days (Free Bonus!)
        Product Warranty: Lifetime (Free Bonus!)
        Extra Gift: Deluxe Ring Box (Free Bonus!)

   *Thickness & Weight Specs Vary By Ring Size