Sigfeild Tungsten Comfort Fit Wedding Band with Brush Center Bright Bevels and Deep Blue inside color - 8mm

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Sigfeild Flat Beveled Edges Tungsten Ring with Brushed Center and Vibrant Blue Ceramic Inside - 8mm

We are proud to introduce this unique blue inside tungsten ring that is apart of our new line of colored rings.  Carefully crafted with a detailed brushed center and paired classically with polished beveled edges, the beautiful blue inside is a subtle vibrant contrast.  when wearing this tungsten ring with blue inside coloring, you are able to see a hint of the deep blue caressing your fingers. Tungsten Carbide is extremely scratch resistant and are a great choice for those who want jewelry to be both maintenance free and worry free.

Product Details
 Width:  8 mm
 Thickness (varies by size):  2.1 mm - 2.3 mm
 Approx. Weight (varies by size):  6 - 13 grams
 Type of Fit:
 Comfort Fit
 Manufacturing Time:
 1 Business Day
 2 Day (Free)
 30 Days
Free Lifetime Warranty:

   *Thickness & Weight Specs Vary By Ring Size