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Warranty Information

At the time of purchase, your ring is automatically registered with the most comprehensive LIFETIME WARRANTY in the industry. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, accidental damage, or any resizing needed. Any time a warranty exchange is needed, a processing fee of $9.95 will apply. 

Engravings are not included in any warranty replacement. If you would like your replacement to be engraved, the processing and engraving fee is $24.95 per ring for each warranty exchange.

Note: Tungsten rings are the most scratch resistant rings known to man, but they can still be broken with a significant impact and scratched by non-metallic materials, such as diamonds, sapphires, rocks or construction materials that contain hard crystals. This means scratches can occur and are considered normal wear and tear, not a defective ring. Also, the inlay part of tungsten rings, such as carbon fiber, gold, and other precious metal inlays are not made of tungsten and are less durable than tungsten, so they can and will scratch more easily than tungsten.

  • Engraving does not void the warranty, but when a ring is replaced the warranty DOES NOT cover the re-engraving
  • There is no waiting period to use the lifetime replacement or lifetime sizing policy
  • 3rd Party Alterations to the band will VOID the warranty
  • Shipping fees to send the ring in for warranty exchange are the customer’s responsibility